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For the most complete information on PC(USA) ordination requirements, check the current edition of The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Part II: the Book of Order, and the handbook for your presbytery of care. The following assumes you are under care of your local presbytery as a candidate, that you have completed your Master of Divinity program, and have successfully completed all the Standard Ordination Examinations, as well as any additional requirements of your local presbytery.

The Office of Student Academics offers workshops on occasion to help students navigate the call process and prepare for PC(USA) ordination exams. For a complete list of preparation resources, see the links below.

Exam Information

As part of the PC(USA) Ordination process, students seeking ordination must complete the Bible Content Exam and the four Senior Ordination Exams; students should consult their CPMs for instruction on when to take these exams.  McCormick Theological Seminary provides a testing site for these exams.

Students must register for these exams independently through the PC(USA) website according to the registration deadlines listed online. 

The Exams Schedule can be found on the PC(USA) website.

Information on Reviews and Upcoming PC(USA) Ordination Exams taken at McCormick

Ordination Examinations are held in the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago's Learning Resource and Writing Center, Room 301, located at 1100 E. 55th Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Examinees have the option to bring a laptop or reserve on of the LRWC's computers. Please send a note to Alicia Rhine at arhine@mccormick.edu to let her know your intent to bring a laptop or to reserve one of the lab's computers.

Exam Study Resources:

  • Bible Content Exam Practice Tool
  • Download the PCUSA Standard Ordination Examination Student Handbook
  • Princeton Materials
  • Download Jody Noble's Bible Content Exam Student Guide from 2009, divided into smaller files as Part 1 (p1-30), Part 2 (p31-55), Part 3 (56-95), and Part 4 (96-112).
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    Loan Forgiveness After Ordination

    If you graduate and serve in a part-time or temporary pastoral position in a PC(USA) congregation of 150-members or less, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness through the PC(USA) Board of Pension's Theological Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

    For more information, see 
    http://www.pcusa.org/news/2011/4/19/financial-aid-studies-announces-new-theological-st/ and the Board of Pensions website at http://www.pensions.org/portal/server.pt?open=514&objID=246&mode=2.