Other Funding Resources

External Support

Funding from external sources such as churches, foundations, and denominational offices should be vigorously pursued. The Student Financial Planning Office will assist you in seeking resources within your denomination. Outside grants often serve to reduce the loan burden students would otherwise have. Students who are inquirers or candidates with the PC (USA) may apply for Presbyterian study grants and racial ethnic leadership supplemental grants through the Office of Student Financial Planning. A good online resource for theological scholarships can be found at www.thefund.org.


A variety of part-time work opportunities are available both on and off campus. Campus employment is considered part of the Student Financial Planning Program. The Seminary holds a policy of hiring as many part-time students as possible, contingent on the availability of appropriate jobs. Students with federal work-study eligibility may apply with the Seminary for community service job opportunities. Information on employment opportunities on and off campus is available from the Office of Human Resources.


Although it may be necessary to borrow money in order to pursue seminary education, McCormick Theological Seminary urges you to do so with care.


Denominational Loan Sources

A frequently used source of loans for Presbyterian Church (USA) students who are enrolled as inquirers or candidates by a PC (USA) presbytery for a church occupation is the Financial Aid for Studies Office of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). For information and an application, contact the Student Financial Planning Office. Students are encouraged to explore low-interest loan possibilities with their home churches or with their respective denominations.