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Past Recipients

The following persons have been honored with the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award.

2017    Rev. Kenneth Lehman
2016    Rev. Dr. Leon Finney, Jr.
2015    Pauline Coffman and Rev. Trey Hammond
2014    Marshall Hatch and Carol Wehrheim
2013    Wayne Boulton
2012    Tricia Dykers Koenig
2011    R.J. Ross
2011    Paul C. Holinger
2010    Michael McConnell
2009    G. Daniel Little
2008    Judy Lee Hay
2007    W. James Gerling
2006    Edward F. Campbell
2005    Tim and Beth Hart-Andersen
2004    Alden R. Hickman
2003    William W. Rogers & June Rogers
2002    Clifton Kirkpatrick
2001    Henry W. Andersen, Thomas J. Behrens
2000    Diana C. Carson, Charles W. Doak
1999    Phil Tom
1998    Eugene C. Bay
1997    Robert & Edith Rasmussen
1996    Raymond H. Swartzback
1995    Jon L. Regier, Rafael Sanchez, Jr.
1994    Thomas Dietrich, Mary Duckert
1993    James Hine, Hedwig & Robert Lodwick
1992    Joreen Jarrell, Dirk Ficca
1991    Dale Robb, Jack Stotts
1990    Dennis Benson, John Corbitt
1989    Lucetta Mowry
1988    Raymond Bowden
1987    Maurice McCrackin
1986    Howard Rice, Ralph Waldo Lloyd
1985    Henry Jones
1984    Alexander Sharp
1983    Lois Armentrout
1982    George Hughes, Arthur Miller
1981    Paul Wright, Robert Swanson
1980    Simon Scott, Frank Cross
1979    Marshall Scott, Harold Blake Walker
1978    Kenneth G. Neigh, William Keesecker
1977    Paul Calvin Payne