Pilgrimage in Faithfulness


Program Masters
Field of Study Integrative
Class# I-301
Location MTS Common Room
Time 5:00-9:00p
Day Tue

PIF is an interdisciplinary course that brings students and faculty together around a range of resources, both biblical and contemporary, including the variety of experiences brought by the learners to develop a common foundation for ongoing theological education and for thinking creatively and responsibly about church and ministry in today’s world. The course meets once a week for plenary sessions, small group discussion, a common meal, and worship. The course has these goals:

  • To enable students to become collaborative sharers and learners, developing skills in self-assessments
  • To inquire together about the nature of theological education at McCormick
  • To grasp a sense of the range of the church’s ministry in the world
  • To find an initial point of integration around call, baptism, communion, and spiritual development

This is a team taught course