Pre-Theological Study

The Seminary does not prescribe a specific pre-theological course. It is expected that previous education and experience have prepared the applicant in oral and written communication skills, to think clearly, to enter into his or her spiritual and cultural heritage, and to understand the world in which he or she lives. The Seminary concurs with the judgment of the Association of Theological Schools that a normal pattern of pre-seminary education will include most of the following subjects:

  • English language and literature
  • History; European, American and non-Western philosophy, with particular attention to its history and methods
  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences; especially psychology, sociology and anthropology
  • Fine arts and music
  • Foreign language, modern and/or biblical
  • Religion; Judeo-Christian-Islamic and Near and Far Eastern traditions

Students who have completed superior college-level work in basic biblical and theological studies, Hebrew and/or Greek may be excused from the corresponding basic courses in the Seminary and may proceed to the advanced level. Students may demonstrate competency in an area through appropriate assessment processes provided by the faculty in that area. The Associate Dean for Student Academics will refer students to appropriate faculty for such an assessment.