Preaching as Leadership

Preaching and Public Leadership: News We Can Use!

In a world of twenty-four hour newscasts, we receive constant reports of incivility and hostility.  Many of our leaders seem unwilling or unable to transcend the gravitational pull that drags public conversation and conduct to its lowest levels.

Loftier heights are possible. Our life together—in the body politic and the body of Christ—can reach upward, ascending beyond the current constraints of partisan divisiveness and parochial narrowness.

At its best, Christian preaching elevates our faith to heavenly places, even as its keeps our feet marching toward justice and peace in this world.  Now more than ever, we need to explore the public, leadership dimensions of preaching.  As broadcasters of God’s good news, preachers proclaim that broken communities can be transformed into the beloved community, right here, right now, on city blocks and boulevards and in rural fields and farms.  All who are concerned about the public impact of preaching—whether you stand in pulpits or sit in pews—are warmly welcomed to attend this conference and enrich our dialogue.

With Great Expectations,

Brad R. Braxton

Distinguished Visiting Scholar
McCormick Theological Seminary