Provisional Admission to McCormick

If a prospective student does not hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education and there are compelling reasons to consider the applicant for admission, McCormick may do so under the provisions and limitations of the Association of Theological School Commission standard A.4.1.2. Such candidates will be admitted on a provisional basis.

Students admitted provisionally to a Masters-level program will be able to take courses for credit and are afforded full student privileges, including need-based financial aid and housing, if eligible. Students admitted provisionally:

  • May be required to attend courses designed to enhance their writing skills and reading comprehension;
  • Shall take all of their courses at McCormick for letter grades for a time specified by the Admissions Committee;
  • Shall receive no grades lower that C and will not be able to request an Incomplete.

Students admitted provisionally will have their status reviewed by the Students Standing Committee of the faculty after the completion of their first semester. Ordinarily, provisional status will be lifted by the Student Standing Committee if the provisions named above are met at the time of the review.