The Psalms


Program Masters
Field of Study Bible
Class# B-430
Location LSTC 302A
Time 9:00-11:50a
Day Thu

The course will combine a study some of the broader issues of the Book of Psalms (such as the history of interpretation, Hebrew poetry, the Psalter as a collection, the use of history in the Psalms), with exegetical study of individual psalms. At the end of the quarter, you should have a general familiarity with the contents of the Psalter, an understanding of the interpretive significance of the types of psalms, a detailed exegesis and interpretation of a number of psalms, some sense of the hermeneutics of interpreting the Psalms, an awareness of the place of the psalms in worship and life (both ancient and current), and developed skill and competence in your exegetical and interpretive competence.