Pullman Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL



Contact Info
550 E. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60628
Tel: (773) 928-9568
Community Description:

Pullman is a Christian Congregation that is described as African-American and Presbyterian. We are dedicated to evangelism, as we help others join the church of Jesus Christ. We teach, and proclaim God's Word and live out our faith through mission and ministry. As a congregation, we believe one of our missions is to help prepare persons for ministry as elders, deacons and ministers of Word and Sacrament since we are all called a priesthood of believers.

Pullman has grown from 80 to over 180 members in 12 years.

Our congregation is located about five (5) miles from McCormick Theological Seminary.

Position Description:

All field education students are viewed as colleagues in ministry. You are given every opportunity to engage in the practice of ministry in worship, preaching, Bible study, visitation and group facilitation. You are encouraged to explore an area of ministry that has meaning and relevance to you. You will be guided by Rev. Knox and a member(s) of our lay ministry support team. You will be expected to work and be a part of Pullman's life and ministry. You will be expected to share in reflection sessions with the pastor and other members of the congregation to assist you in your ministry development.

Pullman considers it a blessing that Rev. Calvin Chears, Rev. Earnestine Cole, Rev. Donovan Young, Candidate Peter Fisher, Ms. Renae Parker, former Illinois State University Campus Minister, and seminarian Regina Reed have shared in the ministry at Pullman through McCormick's field education program. We encourage each potential candidate to speak with them to evaluate the significance of their partnership with Pullman.


Reverend Eddie L. Knox, Jr., McCormick Theological Seminary graduate. M.Div. (1985), D.Min. (1993).