Registration for fall semester courses occurs during the previous spring semester for current students and during orientation the week prior to the opening of classes in the fall for new students. Registration for January and spring terms occurs in November. A late registration fee will be charged for registering after the designated days. In addition to academic requirements, students must meet the following criteria in order to register and attend classes:

  • Financial responsibility: full payment of all outstanding fees and other charges including library fees
  • Language assessment
  • Immunization requirements
  • Appropriate reviews through the advisory system.

Cross-Registration in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools

Students of any of the ACTS schools may take courses from most of the other member schools with no added charges. Registration for courses in all schools takes place in the school in which the student is enrolled by completion of a cross-registration form.

Each school in ACTS reserves the right to limit enrollment in certain courses for pedagogical reasons and set its own policies for the admission of students from other schools to such courses. A student who cross-registers is subject to the policies for grading at the school of cross-registration.

Students are limited to one-third the total number of courses required in a degree program (nine for M.Div. and six for M.T.S., M.A.M.) for cross-registration. However, transfer students may be more limited since no fewer than one-half of the units required for graduation must be taken at McCormick in order to be considered for a McCormick degree. Students may not cross-register in the last semester of their course of studies.

Cross-Registration in Other Presbyterian Seminaries

Students may cross-register in other Presbyterian seminaries. Please see the Registrar for procedures for particular schools.

Bi-Registration at the University of Chicago and at SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education)

A special arrangement with the University of Chicago permits McCormick degree candidates in good standing to take courses at the University. Similar arrangements exist for students interested in classes offered at SCUPE and at Bexley Hall/Seabury Seminary. Students desiring to avail themselves of this option should plan their combination of courses carefully with their advisors, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Student Academics, who must approve all bi-registrations. As funds are available, and on the basis of a written petition to the Associate Dean for Student Academics, McCormick may subsidize the difference in tuition. Details of the registration and subsidy procedures, including certain restrictions, are available from the Associate Dean for Student Academics and the Registrar. Students taking courses at the Univeristy of Chicago must also pay the University of Chicago Health Services fee and student activity fee for the term concerned in order to be permitted to register for University courses. Evidence of immunization is required by the University.

Add/Drop Procedures

Masters programs students already registered will be permitted to add or drop courses in their program prior to 4:00 p.m. on the last day of the second week of the semester. In case of a reduction in the total number of courses previously paid, a full refund will be made until 4:00 p.m. on the last day of the second week of a semester. Thereafter, until 4:00 p.m. of the last Friday of the semester before exam week, students may withdraw from a course on written request; a W will be entered on the record for the course. A WS will be entered on the student’s record for a course dropped on medical advice; a written statement from a physician or other medical professional is required. Again, the last day to drop a class without academic penalty is 4 p.m. on the Friday of the last regular class of the semester, before exam week.