Seminary Tuition Grants

McCormick’s need-based tuition grant program represents the largest amount of aid given to students. These grants are made possible by the generosity of many individuals and organizations, including those listed below, and awarded to students of all denominations on the basis of financial need. Contact the Student Financial Planning Office for information about your eligibility. To receive first consideration for grant assistance, complete a financial aid application as early as possible and well in advance of the beginning of your enrollment. An application will be mailed to you following your admission into McCormick. Students must reapply each year for tuition grants.

The Class of 1943’s 50th Reunion Scholarship
The First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, Fla., Advocates Scholarship
The First Presbyterian Church of Hilton Head Island/John and Nancy Miller Scholarship
The Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis Scholarship
The Henry Abraham Memorial Scholarship
The Anonymous Oak Park Scholarship
The Bella Vista Community Church/John Foss Scholarship
The William H. Bush Endowment
The S.B. Chapin and Alice Chapin-May/Chapin-May Foundation of Illinois Scholarship
The Cornelius Daane Scholarship
The John Wiley Day and Wilbur Minton Day Scholarship
The Ronald Lee and Stephen James Douglas Scholarship
The William and Sarah Ernst Fund
The Charles R. Fahringer Scholarship
The Ralph Gerber Scholarship
The Kenilworth Union Church Urban Ministry Scholarship
The Grace Irwin Kirk Scholarship
The Margaret and Robert Lavidge Scholarship
The Arthur and Lova Miller Scholarship
The Florence and Elliot Morrison Scholarship
The Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morrison Scholarship
The Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Scholarship
The Richard L. Roahen Scholarship
The Dale and Arlene Robb Scholarship
The Edwin C. (Mike) Sanford Scholarship
The Harold W. and Irene Higby Schuster Scholarship
The S. Frank Shattuck Scholarship
The Arthur and Dorothy Stevenson Urban Ministry Fund
The Jacqueline L. White Scholarship
The Wilmette Scholarship in honor of C. Robert and Norma Miller
The Irvin L. Young Memorial Scholarship