Spiritual Direction

Some people come to counseling for guidance in faith development, spiritual disciplines and discernment of call. Individual spiritual direction with trained directors provides a unique setting for exploring these issues. Local spiritual directors are available to help students deepen their abilities to "listen for God" in the midst of their classroom and life experiences while they are at seminary. 

Students who have pursued spiritual direction during their time at McCormick report that it has been invaluable in their faith formation. Many appreciate having an opportunity to focus on where they are in their faith journey with a trained companion who can help them listen for the deeper meanings in what they are saying and use their experiences to further enrich their spiritual life and ministry.

Most people meet with a spiritual director once a month for an hour. Two Centers in Hyde Park (Claret Center and the Institute for Spiritual Leadership) offer free spiritual direction for an academic year with their directors-in-training; students who are matched with a director-in-training are asked to commit to maintain the ongoing relationship for the duration of the academic year. 

The Office of Student Academics encourages interested students to sign up for spiritual direction during orientation and works with both centers to match and place students. The number of openings each year is limited; for those who do not get placed, the Office of Student Affairs provides students with referrals to experienced directors throughout the Chicago area (including directors at Claret Center and ISL) and pays a portion of the costs for the academic year.

Any students wishing to enter spiritual direction are encouraged to talk with the Associate Dean for Student Academics who can provide a list of referrals. 

The Office of Student Academics recommends and often refers students to the following centers for Spiritual Direction:

Claret Center in Hyde Park: offers pastoral counseling, psychotherapy and spiritual direction on a sliding scale. Phone: 773-643-6259; http://www.claretcenter.org/

Lorene Replogle Counseling Center on Michigan Avenue, Chicago: offers sliding scale counseling and psychotherapy, individual spiritual direction and various workshops throughout the year on issues related to mental and spiritual health: Phone: 312-787-8425; www.reploglecenter.org/

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