Staying Healthy in Seminary

As a ministry leader, you can model self-care and healthy choices for others by taking care of your physical health (as well as boost your confidence, energy, and focus).  Here are ways to do just that through fitness in the Hyde Park area.

Hyde Park Fitness Options

The University of Chicago Ratner Fitness Center and Henry Crown Field House are available for McCormick student use at discounted rates.  For more information about memberships, see  McCormick students are eligible for "non-registered student" fees and can obtain memberships by visiting the Ratner Fitness Center front desk at 5530 S. Ellis Ave., and can call the desk for information at 773.702.3871

Bally Total Fitness, 1301 E. 47th Street, 773.924.9889 (

Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, 1525 E. 55th Street #302, 773.358.2998 (

Curves, 1424 E. 53rd Street, Suite 28, 773.324.4400 (

Boost your Brain (Why Should I Exercise?)

Studying at seminary can be tiring.  Parsing biblical languages, exploring the meanings of a biblical passage and hours of reading systematic theology, can be tiring, even for the most energetic seminarian.  The next time you're feeling uninspired, confused or just plain burned-out, don't bang your head against the wall.   Instead, get moving.  Even a short exercise break of 20 minutes may be enough to unlock your mental block.

We all know that exercise can put energize us, releasing endorphins and relieving depression (though not to the exclusion of counseling, if your depression is persistent and debilitating). The connection between cardiovascular activity and mood is more than a feeling, it's scientific fact. There is growing evidence that exercise makes you smarter, enhances your ability to solve problems, brainstorm ideas and think fast. Some neuroscientists have said that physical exercise has been shown to have an effect several times larger than computer-brain exercises.

(adapted from materials provided by the Lake Shore Athletic Club, Chicago IL)

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