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Student Advocacy Groups

In recent years, several groups have addressed special needs and concerns of the McCormick community. They offer resources and challenges to the whole Seminary through forums and other events. Often they coordinate their energies among themselves and with Student Session and the other bodies of the Seminary on specific issues.

The Student Session is committed to providing support and basic funding for Student Advocacy Groups. While involvement usually fluctuates with each the graduation and student turnover, most Advocacy Groups are active throughout the year. Students who wish to develop an official Student Advocacy Group revolving around a particular issue or concern are welcome and encouraged to do so. For more information on joining or starting a group, please e-mail the Session at

2015/2016 Student Organizations and Groups

  • Acts 10:15
    Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender concerns group.
  • Anti-Racism at McCormick
    Students doing anti-racism work in the McCormick community.
  • Asociacion de Estudiantes Latino/as de McCormick (A.E.L.M.)
    Latino students and others interested in Latino issues.
  • Commuter Student Group
    A support group for commuter students.
  • Eco-Justice Student Group
    A group for individuals concerned about environmental issues.
  • Global Community
    International students and friends.
  • Korean/Korean American Students Association (K.A.S.A.)
    For Korean students and their families.
  • Pan‐African Students Organization (P.A.S.O.)
    A group for for students of African heritage and/or descent regardless of nationality.
  • Peacemakers
    Students interested in peace-making work and justice issues.
  • Women in Ministry
    Students interested in women's concerns in ministry.