Support Field Studies

McCormick graduates are known for being creative and adaptive leaders who are ready to serve in the most challenging ministry settings.

Why? Because a core component of their training is rooted in practicing ministry at one of literally hundreds of field sites available through McCormick's Office of Experiential Education and Field Studies.

Consider Metropolitan Chicago and the richly varied expressions of the Christian faith. The opportunities to practice ministry are vast - so vast, in fact, that not every opportunity becomes a reality for our students.

That's why we created the Annual Fund for Field Studies - to help field site congregations, agencies, and not-for-profit organizations pay McCormick students a modest stipend for the time, energy and gifts for ministry that they will provide during a full academic year.

This is a critical time in a student's training and ongoing spiritual formation - what better way to participate in the life of the Church?

Annual Fund For Field Studies
Cost:  $5,000/student
Goal:  $50,000/10 students

If you would like to make a gift to support the Field Studies program, please e-mail Stephanie Moore, or call her at
773-947-6282. Or give online today!