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West Englewood United Methodist Church, Chicago, IL


Status active
Type Church
Denomination United Methodist
Contact Info 2000 West 68th Street Chicago, Illinois 60636 Tel: (773) 737-0692 Fax: (773) 737-6892

Community Description:

West Englewood United Methodist Church is a caring congregation (of 78 members) dedicated to transforming the children of God into the image of Christ by shaping the moral consciousness of neighborhood youth and nurturing the spiritual growth of their families. The theological perspective of West Englewood United Methodist Church is rooted and grounded in the teachings of John Wesley. Wesley was a student of the mysterious reality of God’s presence, peace, and power in the world. Consequently, United Methodism has become known around the globe for its commitment to do justice, reach out in mission, and make disciples for Christ. In keeping with the teachings of John Wesley, West Englewood United Methodist Church stresses the importance of the divine-human encounter and how humans should prepare themselves to participate in God’s work in the world. From this perspective, the theological task of West Englewood United Methodist Church is both individual and communal in scope. The primary goal of the ministry programs of West Englewood United Methodist Church is to serve as a catalyst of social change and transformation in the West Englewood community. Toward this end, West Englewood United Methodist Church is committed to developing programs that: (1) offer practical ways to develop positive Christian character; (2) ensure the safety and moral well being of church members and community residents; (3) promote a sense of belonging among parishioners to the West Englewood community; (4) provide opportunities for church members and community residents to develop leadership skills; and (5) create programs to develop community health and wealth.

Position Description:

Worship, Preaching, Youth Programs, Bible Study, Visitation, Group Facilitation


Rev. Nolan Shaw Training The pastor has certifications from the National Rites of Passage Institute; the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio; the Eisenhower Management; Center for Community Change; and Leap Technologies. Experience The pastor works in the Department of Strategic Planning in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. In this capacity, the pastor is responsible for assisting groups to complete projects as well as change management. In addition, he has been involved in numerous community development activities as well as program development initiatives. Style of Leadership Sekou Toure says that a leader is someone who arises from the masses to lead the masses, but never to surpass the masses because a leader is of the masses. The pastor believes that an effective leader is busy doing ministry with the congregation. The pastor should not be condescending and make members feel inferior. Effective pastoral leadership style should be to enhance the capacity members to do ministry.