Winnetka Presbyterian Church, Winnetka, IL



Contact Info
Winnetka Presbyterian Church
1255 Willow Road Winnetka, IL 60093
(847) 446-7777
Community Description:

Established in 1955

Vision Statement:

Our vision for Winnetka Presbyterian Church is to be a seven-day-a-week community, centered in our worship of God, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all people, and building a better world. We believe that Jesus Christ has the power to transform human life by giving meaning and purpose in a broken world.  We are called to be in mission to the North Shore, the greater Chicago area, and the global community.                                               

Mission Statement:

At Winnetka Presbyterian Church, we are called to be a servant community reflecting our beliefs that:

Jesus Christ has the power to redeem and change human life.     

We are called to a spiritual journey as part of Christ’s loving community.     

We are commissioned to be a light to the world.      

We are called to invite all people into loving relationship with God and God’s people. 

General geographic, population, racial ethnic make-up:           

    Winnetka Presbyterian Church is a welcoming, open and affirming congregation located in the town of Winnetka, IL, a suburb of Chicago, in the middle of the “North Shore” community.  The church serves 400 members from a wide geographic area including Chicago and the North Shore, with an average worship attendance of about 190.  The racial ethnic make-up is 92% white, 4% Asian, 2% Hispanic, and 2% African American.  WPC exhibits diversity in 1) age, with a large number of young families, 2) class, primarily wealthy and middle class, and 3) political/theological beliefs, though the membership leans progressive.  WPC also hosts a young vibrant Korean PCUSA congregation, the Promise & Fulfillment Community Church.

Position Description:

2009-10 is a pivotal and integral year in the life of WPC, during which we will be listening for the spirit of this growing, evolving congregation, naming the gifts of its members, and discerning what God is calling this community to be and do.  We will be working toward a 5-7 year strategic plan and new mission statement.  This precious forward-looking year in the life of this church will provide meaningful learning opportunities in church ministry, community leadership, and administration – lessons one does not ordinarily get in seminary! Student Pastor opportunities will provide both broad and deep contextual experience and learning.  Opportunities will include, but not be limited to: 

  1. - Serving as a facilitating member of the church’s strategic planning committee

  2. - Weekly worship preparation and leadership

  3. - Preaching one time each semester

  4. - Pastoral care visitations in a variety of contexts (hospitals & home visits)

  5. - Crafting and leading one 4-week adult education learning series

  6. - Leading a one month cycle of children’s workshop rotation Sunday School

  7. - Coordinating and leading one mission day-trip for the Youth

  8. - Assisting development of senior high Sunday school curriculum


Primary supervision provided by Senior Pastor Rev. David Lower (resume attached).  Student Pastor will be empowered to provide leadership in a variety of areas, with a weekly hour for reflection with Rev. Lower.  Additional Student Pastor support will be provided by McCormick graduates Rev. Martha Ross-Mockaitis (Director of Children’s Ministries) and Nicole Farley (Director of Youth Ministries).  Student Pastor will be encouraged to contribute own gifts to leadership of church programs.


From Hyde Park via car and/or public transportation: 

  • Take I-90/I-94 West to I-94 West toward Milwaukee (approx 21 miles).  Take exit 33B onto Willow Road East.  Church will be on the left (1 mile) at intersection with Hibbard.

  • Metra train to Winnetka, 1.2 miles to church via Willow Road.

  • Purple Line train to Linden, 4.3 miles to church via Green Bay Road & then Willow Road.

  • Travel subsidy will be provided by the church.