Worship Assistants

Meet this year's worship assistants!

The Dean of Students and Mark Bowman, Worship Coordinator, are ably assisted each year by a group of students who act as Worship Education Assistants (EA's). They work regularly with student worship teams to help in all aspects of planning of each service. They also assist with media and sound technology, and provide additional helping hands in setting up and cleaning the chapel after worship is over each week.

In addition, they provide creative leadership and assistance for special worship services throughout the year.

Each has multiple talents and is deeply committed to the worship life of our community.  Feel free to contact them if you have questions about worship or want assistance with worship planning; if you want to participate on a worship team; or if you're looking for worship resources that may provide you with some new ideas.   

The worship EA's for 2012-2013 are:

Tiffany Buchanan 

Sergio Centeno 

Mara Forster-Smith 

Christopher Mergener