Worship Opportunities

Worship is central to our life together.  Every Wednesday we gather in the McGaw Common Room at 12:15pm for a community worship service that includes the preaching of God's Word and the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

Planned and led by teams of students, faculty and staff, the Wednesday services reflect the many dimensions of our community life as a representation of the body of Christ.   On any given week, you may hear songs sung in Spanish, prayers offered in Korean, Scripture read in Greek, artistic representations of  God's Word painted as the sermon is delivered.  Tears are shed, spirits are lifted and souls are comforted as we recognize Christ in our midst. 

Every week, we break bread together at a community meal, immediately following the service.

The weekly service features preaching by senior students, faculty and staff.  Ordained faculty members or administrators serve as presiders for Eucharist.  Please see the worship calendar below for a schedule of the services for the academic year; you may also download a PDF of the schedule at the bottom of this page. 

The seminary also has numerous special services through the year: the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, an Ash Wednesday service, an Advent Lessons & Carols service, and special serivces during Lent (coordinated and planned by the Worship EAs).  There are also occasional morning and evening prayer services.  During January term, we gather for special services.

Worship on campus is intended to augment rather than substitute for Sunday worship in a local church.  Students are strongly encouraged to find a congregation in the area, and to participate regularly in services of worship within that community.  Click here for a list of area churches.

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Student Life Gallery

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