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Historical Re-telling in Psalms


Program D.Min
Field of Study Bible
Class# B 627
Location McCormick Campus
Start Date 10.15.2012
End Date 10.19.2012
Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Core/Elective Core

The course will combine a study some of the broader issues of the Book of Psalms applicable to the ministry context of D.Min. students (such as the history of their use in worship, Hebrew poetry, the use of history in the Psalms, using Psalms for preaching and pastoral care), with exegetical study of individual psalms. An emphasis in this course is looking at new approaches to Psalm study that have emerged in the last 10 years (including reception history, poetic approaches, use of historical narratives, feminist, multi-cultural, and urban approaches, etc.) as well as new resources for study.

At the end of the class, students should have refreshed their general familiarity with the contents of the Psalter, reviewed the interpretive significance of the types of psalms, exegeted and interpreted a number of psalms, gained a fuller appreciation of the hermeneutics of interpreting the Psalms (including traditional and emerging approaches), and a fuller awareness of the place of the psalms in worship and life (both ancient and contemporary).