Intro. to Preaching


Field of Study
Class #
MWP 315
Currently Offered?
Spring 2017
Start Date
End Date
6:00-9:00 p.m.

Course to be taught by adjunct professor Alan Ragland.

This introductory course draws upon biblical, traditional and contemporary resources to help Christians to voice the gospel within Christian Communities and in the world. Preaching will be understood from a vast array of practices, performances and interpretations in deep relation to Biblical exegesis, local contexts, social groups, theologies, histories, inter-faith relations, and worship. We will be attentive to the ways in which preachers develop a theology of proclamation for such times as these. This course will help students to prepare a sermon and become preachers who are able to connect preaching/proclamation with what is going on in the world today. Class sessions will be divided in two periods: one designed for discussions of texts and all that pertains to the task of preaching; and one designed for a diverse set of practices. Students will preach in different settings and address real/imaginary occasions, developing skills to preach with and without manuscripts.