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Pilgrimage in Faithfulness


Program Masters
Field of Study Integrative
Class# I 301
Location Common Room (9/14 MTS room 101)
Start Date 9.7.2010
End Date 12.10.2010
Time 5:00-9:00p.
Day Tue



Course Description Masters Level

McCormick Theological Seminary


Course Number and Title: I 301 Pilgrimage in Faithfulness

Faculty:  Lib Caldwell, Luis Rivera, Christine Vogel, Frank Yamada, and Reggie Weaver (Adjunct)

Term:  Fall 2010 – Class meets on Tuesdays, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m – including Plenary Session, Dinner,

            Small group discussion and Worship


Course Description:

Pilgrimage in Faithfulness (PIF) is an interdisciplinary course bringing students and educators together to assist adult learners entering McCormick in beginning and enhancing their formation toward readiness for ministry through theological studies.  Content of this course focuses on Batism, Eucharist and Vocation/Ministry.  By design of plenary sessions, readings and the members of the teaching team, PIF offers a window into the curriculum of McCormick Theological Seminary whose mission focus is urban, ecumenical, cross-cultural and Reformed.