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Racial Identity and White Privilege


Program Masters
Field of Study Ministry
Class# MPM-395
Location LSTC 201
Time May 19-25: W, Th, F, M, T, 5:30-9:00p; Sat. 9-4:00p; May 28-29: F, 5:30-9:00p; Sat. 9-4:00p.

Faithful ministry that is committed to an anti-racist church and society requires a careful theological examination of white race privilege as foundational to understanding the socio-historical construction of race and racism in the United States. Building on the recognition of racism as a system of advantage based on race, racial identity models provide a way to understand the development of socially sanctioned and culturally coded relationships predicated upon notions of power/privilege and disadvantage associated with skin color. Racial identity theory also provides a way to understand how individuals in this society cope with the issues of being disadvantaged or privileged based on their assigned race. This course employs insights from racial identity theory, history, theology, and ministry to develop awareness and skills for becoming an anti-racist church and society.

The January term course is an intensive, dates TBA

This course is team taught by Deborah Mullen and other instructors TBA