Reinhold Niebuhr


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T 495
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Monday - Thursday 6-8:50p; no class on Memorial Day


The masters-level course T-495 begins on May 15 (Monday) and concludes 31 May. Students will be doing research and writing a critical interpretive paper on one of Niebuhr’s main texts. The two required textbooks are below. Students may choose between the two biographies.


Please direct questions / additional information about this order to Prof. Robert Cathey:                            773.947.6323 office phone




1. Book name: Reinhold Niebuhr: Major Works on Religion and Politics


Author: Niebuhr, Reinhold;

Sifton, Elizabeth, ed.


ISBN number: 978-1-59853-375-0                                   Edition: 2015, hdb. 


Publisher: Library of America


2. Book name: Niebuhr and His Age:

Reinhold Niebuhr’s Prophetic Role and Legacy


Author: Brown, Charles C.;

Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. Foreword.


ISBN number: 1-56338-375-6                                           Edition: 2002 new; pbk.


Publisher: Trinity Press International                               (Used copies are welcome)




2. Book name: Reinhold Niebuhr: A Biography


Author: Fox, Richard Wrightman


ISBN: 978-0062503435                                                      Edition: pbk or hbk.


Publisher: HarperCollins                                                    (Used copies are welcome)