Teaching Disciples


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MED 403
Christine Wenderoth
Currently Offered?
Spring 2018
Start Date
End Date
Wednesdays, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Jesus' disciples were commissioned to baptize and teach. The Church is thus a teaching, learning community and this ministry is ours to continue-as teachers and learners and as disciples who foster the teaching and learning of all in the Christian community. In looking at the role of teaching and learning in the Church, we will address LSTC learning outcomes #5 [Demonstrates leadership skills for service in the ministry of education] and #6 [Demonstrates the ability to empower the ministry of the people of God and serve collegially within a local ministry setting], as well as some attention to outcome #3 [Demonstrates a knowledge of and ability to communicate the Christian heritage] as well as address McCormick learning outcomes #3 [Communicate effectively] and #5 [Exhibit pastoral imagination/Serve effectively in congregational ministries].

Instructor: Christine Wenderoth