D.Min Courses

Class #sort icon Course Title Core/Elective Cohort Group Dates
TBD Biblical Interpretation and Use Core
T/H/E 610 The Church in the World Today Core
T/H 601 The Church in the World Today Core Sojourners, Threshold September 23 - September 27, 2013
T 649 Theological and Ethical Perspectives the Practice of Ministry Elective TBD
T 640 Cities of God Elective
M 722 Understanding & Leading Church Systems Elective TBD
M 720 Forming and Leading Groups in Governing Bodies Elective TBD
M 717 Christian Worship in a Post-Modern World Elective TBD
M 715 Naming God in the World: Preaching in a Post-Christian Age Elective TBD
M 707 Worship Wars Elective TBD
M 701 Transforming Communities Elective TBD
M 689 The One and the Many: Dysfunction and Transformation within Human Systems Elective All
M 688 Preaching in the 21st Century Elective TBD
M 683 Leading Change in a Congregation or Agency Elective All TBD
M 681 Iona: Worship and Community Elective
M 679 Human Resource Management in the Church Elective TBD
M 678 Pastoral Care in Times of Crisis Elective
M 677 Human Development and the Church Elective TBD
M 666 Pastoral Care in Human Crisis Elective TBD
M 661 Christ and community: Faith and Action for Social Transformation Elective
M 660 Teaching in the Church Elective All
M 659 Missional Preaching Elective
M 648 Peacemaking: Creating the Beloved Community Elective All June 3 - 7, 2013
M 647 Where Three or More are Gathered: Leadership and Groups Core New Group Jan. 6 - 10, 2014
M 647 Where Three or More Are Gathered Core New Group