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Iglesia del Pueblo-Hope Center Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


Status active
Type Church
Denomination Disciples of Christ
Contact Info Iglesia del Pueblo-Hope Center Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 6936 Grand Avenue, Hammond, IN 46323. Phone: 219-844-6989. Website: Social Media: on Facebook IDP/Hope Center Christian Church

Community Description:

IDP-Hope Center’s mission statement is “To become and remain GROWING CHRISTIANS FOR GROWING MINISTRY by focusing our ministry on EDUCATION AND NURTURE FOR MISSION.”

At IDP - Hope Center we seek to walk in the light of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We believe that no one is beyond the Love and Grace of God.

We believe the Love of God reaches out to all of us ACROSS...the barriers of race, culture, language, gender and AGE.

Growing Christians is what we ARE and what we DO.

We are Growing Christians for a Growing Ministry.

We believe that ALL Christians should be continually growing and contributing to the growth of others.

For these reasons we are committed to Education and Nurture in order to equip Disciples for Mission.

IDP-Hope Center is located in Hessville/Hammond, IN (about 10 miles from Chicago) and is nestled in a community that is predominantly English-Speaking (Anglo-American, African-American, Hispanic) but also has a significant Spanish-speaking Hispanic population as well.  There are approximately 120 members at IDP-Hope Center with an average of 75 participating regularly –the majority of who are second and third generation Hispanics. Christian Education, Evangelism, Youth, Children, Worship, and Local/Global Missions are the heart of programming at IDP-Hope Center. 

IDP-Hope Center is approximately 19% Hispanic. With an average weekly Sunday attendance of 80 people, the majority of the worship attendees are second and third generations Hispanics, most of whom speak English only. Currently, our worship services are celebrated bi-lingually.

Position Description:

Learning/Serving opportunities at IDP-Hope Center include: Preaching, Teaching, Bible Study, Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Communication Expansion, Spiritual Formation, and Counseling.


Pastor (Caridad) Mini Martinez is the site Supervisor at IDP-Hope Center. She is a graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary (M.Div, 2011) and served as the Ministry Intern of IDP-Hope Center in 2008-2009. She was called to serve as the Senior Pastor in September 2012. Prior to her call at IDP-Hope Center she served as the Youth Pastor at Latin Pentecostal Church of God in Lake Station, IN. She is currently seeking ordination with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana.

Pastor Mini’s supervisory style is one that focuses, motivates and moves a team or group toward a clearly defined goal/project, offering both intentional oversight and creative liberty to team members.  The strengths of this approach include: the opportunity for all team members to communicate and contribute to the development of the task; opportunity for fearless innovation; increased opportunity for high productivity.  As a Ministry Intern Supervisor, Pastor Mini is committed to both growing with and challenging for mission the Ministry Intern who serves at IDP-Hope Center


From Hyde Park: 

Take Woodlawn Ave. south to 67th Street. Turn left onto 67th. Take 67th Street to Stony Island Ave. and go right. Take Stony Island to I-90 East (there will be tolls). Follow I-90 east to Exit 3, IN-912 S. Then take the 169th St. exit 9 toward 15th Ave. Keep left at the fork to go on South Tennessee Ave. Turn right onto 169th St. Turn left onto Grand Ave. If you reach 170th Place, you've gone just a bit too far.