Iglesia Evangelica Del Pacto - Albany Park



Contact Info
Iglesia Evangelica Del Pacto, 4516 N Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL 60625‎. Phone: 773-583-5977.
Community Description:

Iglesia del Pacto Albany Park is an inner city Spanish speaking church with a history of 43 years serving the Albany Park community. Within that span the church has had many pastors who stayed short term and a few who served up to 5 years.

This is a mostly 1st generation congregation that reaches 70 individuals on Sunday; 35 on Thursday. Since the previous pastor left under dubious conditions, I have to minister to individuals and groups, re-organize administrative internal data and technological systems, teach, preach, etc. while developing summer ministries and after-school programs. It is always exciting for me to see how members of the church grow within their faith and comprehension of the ministry within this newly reconstituted church.

The opportunity to develop a vibrant youth ministry exists. With the current youth, 14 years to 20 years (about 7), and children 10 years and under (about 15), a field study student filled with faithful passion and energetic dynamism can have a significant impact with a consistent effort to establish a bona fide youth / children’s ministry.

Other information:

Church Activities...

Sunday 10:00 am Bible School;  11:30 am Service

Thursday 7:00 pm Service

Saturdays (all day Community Day)... 9:00 am Prayer; 10:30 am Temple cleaning; member visits; 11:30 am Worship Practice

Position Description:

The intern shall minister closely with the pastor and the president of the elders council in organizing a consistent outreach, support and service ministry to youth. The intern will be supervised by the pastor with support from a pastoral committee. The intern will serve closely with leadership of the church as (s)he develops and maintains inter-generational and ministry relationships. Areas of support will be considered if possible, but there is no remuneration for this position.

OUTREACH: Along with the pastor, the president and the already participating youth, the intern will be responsible for developing an evangelistic outreach to area youth through activities (ie. movie nights, pizza night, gatherings, youth church services, church outings, etc.

SUPPORT: Along with the pastor, the president and the already participating youth, the intern will be responsible for providing ministry support to enhance and encourage faith (through Bible studies, prayer, participation within church services, special presentations, etc.).

SERVICE: Along with the pastor, the president and members of the church, the intern will be responsible for directing youth to services (ministry, educational, employment, etc.) that will help the youth interact with their life, church, friends and family with maturity. However, counseling with youth or with their family remains the role of the pastor.


Pastor Tomas Sanabria