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Listed 04-17-2018
First United Presbyterian Church, 1303 Royal Heights Road, Belleville, IL 62223. Phone: (618) 233-0295. Web site:
Belleville, IL
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We seek a compassionate and committed associate pastor who can devote him/herself to shepherding our congregation. Because we want a pastor who loves loving the people of God, he/she should be interested in pastoral care. We need a pastor skilled and preferably experienced in working with people of various ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and political and theological views. Counseling and caring for people suffering from life’s challenges or illness, as well as helping to meet other needs of the congregation, are vital parts of the position. Thus, a new associate must be willing to engage in difficulties faced by the church and provide faithful support. This pastor must enjoy teamwork since our church believes that staff and volunteers can best discern the will of God and implement God’s plan together. Also, we want someone who excels at spreading the gospel to help grow our church and our church’s influence on the surrounding communities. To that end, our associate pastor should be comfortable with modern methods of online communication and face-to-face discussion. Such skills, as well as creativity and organization, are highly desirable. We need someone who can help people connect with Christ through personal relationships and internet evangelism; an associate who can help guide and equip the congregation toward forming such relationships by extending invitations and effectively using online resources to follow up more effectively with visitors.

Our associate pastor will have responsibility for three major and three minor focus areas. Major Focus Areas: 1) Evangelism-As a congregation, we feel called to reach the unchurched and de-churched in the community. The focus is not increasing membership but bringing people to God. 2) Extreme Congregational Care-We currently exhibit extraordinary, extreme care and support to our congregation. Going forward, our ambitious ministry will include our senior pastor, but primary leadership will be given to the associate pastor. 3) Membership Engagement-We are searching for what will be effective to keep members connected and engaged. Adding pastoral staffing will help us organize these efforts and generate new ideas toward engaging members. Minor Focus Areas: 1) Equipping Ministry-We have created an Equipping Ministry to connect members with opportunities to serve. Working in this area will be a collaborative effort with our Director of Equipping Ministries and the Equipping Team. 2) Worship Investment-Working in this area will be a collaborative effort with the senior pastor to foster a creative and engaging worship experience. 3) College and Young Adult Ministries-Our associate pastor will lend staffing support in collaboration with the Director of Youth Ministries to provide places for college and young adult members to connect with the church.

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