Associate Pastor (Bridge) - Mequon, WI


Listed 09-25-2018
Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 6031 West Chapel Hill Road, Mequon, WI 53097 | 262.242.1670 |
Mequon, WI
Start Date
Full Time

Job Summary:

The Associate Pastor (Bridge) will provide leadership for adult ministries with a focus on leading the development and delivery of adult education, and creating and strengthening opportunities for the engagement of adults in the mission of Crossroads Presbyterian Church (CPC). In collaboration with CPC staff, the Associate Pastor (Bridge) will provide pastoral care to those in crisis, the seriously ill, dying, and families of the recently deceased at CPC. This role will also contribute to the planning and leadership of worship services.

The Bridge Associate Pastor will provide continuity with our Deacons, Adult Ed and Mission/Outreach ministries. This is a temporary role for the purpose of bridging the time until our PNC finds a new Sr. Pastor and we begin a search for a full-time Associate Pastor. It is not required that this Pastor be specifically trained in transitional work. Resumes or PIFs can be sent to:  Please include any links or clips of relevant sermons or other recordings.

Essential Functions:

  • Lead worship weekly, preach and write liturgy twice monthly or as otherwise assigned by the Transition Pastor.
  • Emphasize faith formation and vitality; work on keeping small group ministries strong.
  • Provide leadership development to people serving on Ministry Teams and Deacons.
  • Provide compassionate pastoral care and counseling in collaboration with lay people and the Transition Pastor.
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals as requested/assigned by the Transition Pastor.
  • Attend meetings and give leadership to church programs.
  • Engage in study and prayer to increase personal faith and improve skills.
  • Foster energizing and deepening spiritual connections among the congregation.
  • Participate in the Presbytery of Milwaukee.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Attend Session meetings.
  • Serve as primary staff resource to the Deacons.
  • Serve as staff resource to Ministry Teams:  Adult Ed, Mission and Outreach.
  • Serve as communication link between the Ministry Teams and staff, to promote classes and ministry opportunities with the congregation (bulletin, verbal announcements, What's Happening videos).
  • Maintain the prayer web for the Weekly News.
  • Attend weekly meetings of the staff and Worship Planning Team.
  • Visit hospitalized members; serve communion to home-bound members, upon request.
  • Catalyst for mission engagement of the congregation in the local community and beyond.
  • Participate in other programs of the church as requested.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master of Divinity or advanced theological degree.
  • Ordained or eligible for ordination as a Teaching Elder in the PC(USA).
  • Demonstrated leadership, teaching, interpersonal communication, and group facilitation skills .

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with the dynamics in a larger church setting.
  • Experience providing pastoral care for diverse needs and in various care settings (home, hospital, hospice, etc.).
  • Prior experience demonstrating some or all of the core competencies of Discipleship, Pastoral Care, Compassion and Care, and Visitation.
  • Ability to engage and connect with a congregation through preaching, teaching and mission engagement.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to move freely in and out of different ministry settings (church, homes, schools and community events).
  • Able to speak in a public forum.

Core Competencies:

  • Spiritual Formation/Discipleship: Demonstrates an understanding of spiritual formation/discipleship as journey or process; invites others into reflection about personal spiritual journey; teaches a variety of spiritual practices to lead others in deepening and developing spirituality; creates teaching and small group environments that promote discipleship.
  • Pastoral Care/Counseling: Demonstrates the ministry of presence; creates a spirit of openness that invites those who are spiritually or emotionally troubled to confide in her/him; demonstrates appropriate pastoral care boundaries, recognizing his or her own limitations as a care provider; respects confidences; appropriately refers congregants along to other professional care providers as warranted.
  • Compassion and Care: Exudes a natural sense of care for the well-being of others; responds with empathy to the life circumstances of others; communicates a sense of support in his or her very presence; demonstrates appropriate and boundaried expressions of care.
  • Visitation: Moves comfortably and easily around those who are ill or suffering; generates a sense of calm, hopeful presence; offers appropriate prayers and facilitates rituals that invite healing; demonstrates appropriate personal boundaries when caring for the ill and dying; stands as a calm, sure presence in the face of death.
  • Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission, vision, and core values of Crossroads Presbyterian Church. Can teach those core values to others. Leads his/her leadership team to identify unique mission and vision, which is in line with the mission and vision of Crossroads Presbyterian Church.
  • Spiritual Maturity: Shows strong personal depth and spiritual grounding; demonstrates integrity by walking the talk, and by responding with constancy of purpose; is seen by others as trustworthy and authentic; nurtures a rich spiritual life; seeks the wisdom and guidance of appropriate mentors; is able to articulate a clear and consistent theology.
  • Motivating Others: Creates a climate in which people want to do their best; can motivate employees, volunteers and members; empowers others; invites shared input and decision making; makes each individual feel that his/her work is important.
  • Teambuilding: Blends people into teams when appropriate; leads the team successfully through difficulties and challenges, including conflict, diversity and inclusion issues within the team; creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; defines success in terms of the whole team; creates a feeling of belonging and pride in the team.
  • People/Volunteer Management: Provides direction, gains commitment, facilitates change and achieves results through the efficient, creative and responsible deployment of volunteers; engages people in their areas of giftedness and passion.
  • Self-Differentiation: Demonstrates strong and appropriate personal boundaries in relationships; has a healthy appreciation of self, without being egotistical; is emotionally mature; can maintain a non-anxious presence in the midst of turmoil; not overly dependent upon outside affirmation; works to build a strong personal support system.

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