Full-Time Solo Pastor - Fayetteville, NC


Listed 10-30-2017
Peace Presbyterian Church, 3203 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301. Phone: 910-488-3211. Web site: www.peace-presbyterian.org
Fayetteville, NC
Start Date
Full Time

Refer to their MIF 21117.AB on the Church Leadership Connection.

We are actively seeking a full-time solo pastor for our church. We desire a person who is high-energy, eager to lead a small church (74 members) with a lot of heart into a period of regrowth—one who will represent us in our community in a call to faith in Christ, model God’s love to people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and share our vision:

"Peace Presbyterian Church stands as a beacon, giving forth light and comfort, ready to welcome all into its warm, loving, Christ-centered family." 

Our church is debt free, with beautiful facilities and grounds. We have an active, well-functioning, harmonious Session, with a dedicated, mature congregation. We are eligible for participation in the Seminary Debt Assistance Program.

We need a pastor who will challenge us to find what it is that God would have us do and realize how it pleases The Lord when we get off the bench and into the game. We need a pastor who will touch the community and spread the good news of the Gospel. A pastor who leads us in this way will ultimately allow us to fulfill our mission and reach our vision. “Comfortable” would describe our congregation, having gone twelve years without a full-time ordained pastor or a pastor who resides in our community. We have not evangelized within our community as we should have. During that period of time, our church was focused inwardly. While we have developed considerable momentum during our time with a temporary supply pastor and Presbytery-appointed moderator, we need a full-time pastor who lives among us and is willing to be connected to and evangelize within our community, someone who will help us to tap into the tremendous potential we harness when we walk by faith, not sight, in truly serving The Lord.

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