Part-time Solo Pastor - Milton Freewater, OR


Listed 05-17-2018
Grace Presbyterian Church, 703 S. Main, Milton Freewater, OR 97862. Phone: 509-386-5028
Milton Freewater, OR
Start Date
Part Time

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We are called to be an inclusive and caring church family, called by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be in a right relationship with God and to demonstrate His love through our service in our community and beyond. This motto hangs over our sanctuary door: “Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve”.

Our vision for fulfilling our mission statement is to focus on participating in worship, nurturing our church family, and serving God’s people.

Worship is central to our life as a congregation. We will continue to engage in joyful, meaningful, inclusive worship that appeals to diverse participants. Worship is an opportunity to seek a deeper connection to God. We turn to the pastor as a guide on the journey, a guide who is also a fellow pilgrim and who is still working on his/her own relationship to God.

We nurture the members of our church family, supporting each other in times of trial and rejoicing together in times of joy. We believe each person has sacred worth. We are tolerant of each others’ shortcomings and appreciative of each others’ gifts. Our congregation is very diverse socially, theologically and politically. We handle that diversity with respect and a desire to understand each other.

We share the gospel through service, in collaboration with other churches and groups in our community and through church related organizations around the world. We will continue to support the aging and needy in our own congregation.

We continue to embrace our Presbyterian heritage, yet we are open to other ways of being and doing “church” for our congregation and for others in the community, particularly the unchurched.

We address the needs of our community mainly through collaboration with other churches and organizations. We focus on helping those who have insufficient food and those facing short-term financial crises. We are active in the local food pantry, giving money, food, and worker time. We work with another church to provide a monthly evening meal for the community. We contribute funds and help to pack and deliver Christmas food baskets. We contribute generously to an emergency fund that is used by several pastors to respond to financial crises such as a utility cut-off or an eviction. We were particularly active in that effort through our former pastor. We provide funds to a high school service group that buys school supplies for children who cannot afford them. We recently sought and received a mission grant from our presbytery to provide seed money for the start-up of a Friday Food Bag program in the public schools.

To promote spiritual connection we host a monthly Friday evening get-together and meal for young families who do not attend church regularly. We host a monthly book study group to explore spiritual questions and current issues. When needed, we facilitate transportation for the elderly and needy of our congregation and reach out to them to provide social and spiritual connection when they are unable to attend worship services.

We continue to seek to be Christ’s hands and feet in our community in the most effective ways possible given our limited resources.

We look to this position to provide inspirational worship services that encourage the members of the congregation to be closer to God and grow in personal faith. We see our minister as a link to the rest of the community by working collaboratively with other ministers to help address the community’s needs. We see our minister as our counselor and guide, helping the members of the congregation in their journey through life. Our minister would lead us as a congregation to prioritize our ministry goals and help to equip us with effective ways to meet the needs of our current congregation and to reach out to our community.

We are seeking a pastor whose love for Jesus Christ and whose understanding of Scripture will shine out in our church and in our wider community.  This pastor will joyfully share the Good News of God’s love for us.

These are the characteristics we value most highly:

  • Compassion motivated by a genuine caring for others;
  • Positive outlook: displays hope for the future, sees a way through the difficult times;
  • Sensitivity to a variety of interpretations of scripture and beliefs that are apparent in our church family and respect for our world family of religions;
  • Ability to listen and to communicate with warmth and empathy;
  • One who will empower our congregation to discern God’s direction for our church; challenge us to be good stewards of the gifts God has provided for us; and inspire us to use those gifts to live out Jesus’ desire for us to love and serve others here on earth.
  • A desire to visit and to pray with those needing pastoral care;
  • Ability to deliver a sermon with joy and variety, a sermon that assists us in knowing God and in serving our neighbors;
  • A desire to challenge us spiritually, and to nurture each of us along our spiritual journeys; to learn and to grow along with us;
  • One who enjoys and participates in fellowship with our congregation.

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