Senior Pastor - Metuchen, NJ


Listed 03-08-2018
First Presbyterian Church, 270 Woodbridge Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840. Phone: 732-491-2300. Web site:
Metuchen, NJ
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We are seeking a permanently installed pastor who is WELL GROUNDED SPIRITUALLY; a compelling, interesting preacher who effectively communicates in SIMPLE LANGUAGE that “speaks to me” – meaning, speaks to the realities of “my” life.

Worship service should be a time to look forward to, as a time to center ourselves, and to be lifted up as a community filled with the Spirit. Supporting individual spiritual growth and faith formation is central to a successful ministry at FPC. The implication is that he or she can also assure that the programs and ministries of FPC are theologically sound.

We talked about the pastor as UNIFIER. That is, a consensus maker who is able to get things done through volunteers and staff through mutual purpose and shared agenda. The Pastor should be committed to SHEPHERDING a community of diverse congregants as we each seek to find and serve Christ in our own ways. Recognizing FPC has, through New Beginnings, experienced a lot of change, the Pastor must be a CHANGE AGENT who is able to sustain momentum and growth tactfully and with grace. Being a Unifier also requires that the Pastor be willing and able to engage in constructive conflict - to LISTEN well - and COLLABORATIVELY identify common ground from which to craft mutual solutions.

We recognize the permanently installed Pastor will have to deal with a divided church. Personal qualities that engender TRUST and RESPECT must be obvious to all – such as warmth, transparency, compassion, empathy, openness, humility and commitment to FPC’s Vision and Mission in the community. He or she must be a COMFORTING presence and easy to relate to. At the same time, the Pastor must be able to hold staff accountable to deliver on expectations. The leadership we desire is based on an ethic of caring - for self and family, for fellow congregants, and for communities in which we live.

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