Solo Pastor - Big Flats, NY


Listed 09-17-2018
First Presbyterian Church,
Big Flats, NY
Start Date
Part Time

Be sure to check out their MIF #: 05888.AA0 at the for self-referral instructions. Suitable for a part-time first call!

The Finger Lakes area of upstate New York is considered to be one of the most scenic and beautiful locations in the country. Tucked away in one of its valleys is the small rural town of Big Flats and the historic First Presbyterian Church. Founded in 1827, we are seeking a part-time solo pastor to guide us and work with us on the next phase of our church’s rich history. We are seeking someone who will appreciate our traditional family-style of worship while helping to introduce us to more contemporary styles of worship in our quest to attract new families and diverse people of all ages. The pastor will have a broad and deep understanding of theology and help guide us spiritually in our daily life as well as in our outreach to the surrounding community.

We are seeking a pastor who is warm and caring, is a good communicator and who has a love of children of all ages. 

We feel called to enhance the sense of family unity and fellowship in our loyal and loving community. We feel called to a more heightened commitment to spirituality and prayer and to be more aware of the needs of the surrounding community. We are hopeful to attract those who have given up on organized worship, and we feel called to share the joy of music.  Most importantly, we feel called to share with people of all ages the Good News and to show others the joy of Christ’s love.

We are seeking a pastor who respects and appreciates the long history of our church and recognizes all that it has been through since its founding in 1827. This pastor will be a good communicator who is able to inspire and motivate as well as identify peoples’ strengths and encourage them to use their talents. The pastor will be compassionate and energetic.  He or she will be open, warm, caring, honest and enthusiastic. The pastor will also have integrity, good humor, a nurturing spirit, be humble and be a good listener.  The pastor will need to be cognizant of how people develop their perspectives and values which are associated with their upbringing and personal tribulations and triumphs.  The pastor will need to bring compassion to conflicts and encourage respect for others and their points of view.  

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