Current Masters Courses

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Title Class # Faculty Day Term/Semester
Pastoral Theology of Hope M 433 From Mission to Ministry 6:00-9:50p Thu Spring 2018
Travel Seminar: India H/I 433 Being Together: The Ethics & Practice of Community Building January 4-6 in Chicago; January 7-21 in Kottayam, Chennai, Bangalore
Black Christianity in North America H 453 In Memoriam: The Rev. Jean A. Dimond 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Mon J-Term 2019
Travel Seminar: Colombia I/M 498 McCormick Partners with Faith in Place, Thesis Completion/Oral Examination January 11-15 from 2-5 pm in Chicago; January 16-30 in Barranquilla, Colombia