Masters Courses

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Class #sort icon Course Title Faculty Time Day Semester
T/H-489 Reinhold Niebuhr
T/H-412 Luther and Calvin: Following the Pathfinders
T/H 402; H/T 402 Reformed Tradition Fall 2015
T/H 402 Reformed Tradition 1:00-3:50p.m. Tue
H/T-489 Reinhold Niebuhr
H/T-402 Reformed Tradition 1:00-3:50p Tue
H/T 402 Reformed Tradition 1:00-3:50p. Tue
H/T 402 Reformed Tradition 1:00 - 3:50p.m. Tue
H/T 402 Reformed Tradition 1:00-3:50pm Tue
H/T 402 Reformed Tradition 1:00-3:50p.m. Tue
H/MPM 403 The Black Church & Prophetic Tradition 6:00-8:50p. Tue
H-485 Historia de la Iglesia Hispana en los E.E.U.U. (History of the Hispanic Church in the U.S.) 6:00-8:50p Thu
H-471 Global Pentecostalism Daniels, David III 1:00-3:50p Mon
H-452 Christian Spirituality & the American Church: A Historical Perspective
H-434 American Presbyterianism
H-433 Readings in Christian Spirituality
H-423 American Christianity and Modernity Daniels, David III Jan. 4-8, 9-4:30p.m.
H-412 Reformations of the 16th Century
H-401 Calvin Seminar
H-340 Reading the Church Mothers and Fathers Sawyer, Ken 6:00-9:30p Jan. 11-14 & 19-22.
H-301 History Survey II
H-300 History Survey I Sawyer, Ken 6:00-8:50p Mon
H XXX History Elective TBA
H ??? Travel Seminar: India Sawyer, Ken J-Term 2016
H 485 History of the Latin@ Church: Competing Ecclesiologies & Generational Challenges Rodriguez-Diaz, Daniel 6:00 - 8:50p.m. Thu