1987 D.Min. Alum and His Church Author a Book

02-19-2013 by

M. Edwards
Rev. Dr. Dave Hedlin (D.Min, 1987) and the members of Peace Lutheran Church in New Lenox, Illinois have created a children’s book entitled "Questions Kids Ask About God."

The idea for the book came from the weekly teaching moments in which Rev. Hedlin would discuss a facet about faith or an important fact about, or in, the Bible. Once a month, the teaching moment was devoted to questions that kids had written and placed in a box. The church thought the children’s questions were appropriate for a wider audience so they went to work creating a book. Church members enlisted an art teacher from a local high school who, in turn, selected three students to serve as illustrators.

Meanwhile, the team that worked on the book from the beginning reviewed the questions and answers, edited them, and worked with printers, designers, web masters and others who would help market the book.

Dr. Hedlin says, “The blessing has been how many reports we are getting of people who have shared the book with friends or grandchildren who have no active church relationship. Some of the adults of those kids have said things like, “I’ve got to start thinking about God again. We are so grateful.”

The 32-page, hardcover, vibrantly illustrated book is available to the general community. The website (www.qkapublishing.com) has sample pages, more background, and an opportunity to purchase the book (with shipping and handling, about $18 each.)