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Be the Light: The Advent Calendar of Hope, Justice, and Joy

It’s quite a week: The busiest travel day of the year (Wednesday) Thanksgiving Black Friday Small Business Saturday Advent Sunday Cyber Monday Giving Tuesday Sorry to break it to you: this year, Christmas falls on a Sunday, which means Advent got pushed back a week (the fourth week of advent can’...

A Pastoral Letter to President-elect Trump From a Presbyterian Minister

Dear President-Elect Trump, You are about to assume the mantle of leader of the free world. No doubt this is a time when you will call on your faith and rely on your faith community to help you make critical decisions that will impact not only millions of Americans, but billions around the world....

Of Thee I Sing

On a rainy evening in early November 1968, my father picked me up at a friend’s house. It was the day after the election. During the car ride home, he went into a rant about Richard Nixon. Despite being a minster, he knew how to swear - a talent I’m sure he picked up while serving as a Navy...

McCormick Hosts Clergy & Lay Leadership Summit XII

This event is free and open to the public. Although the event is free, registration is required. Registration may be done online or contact summit@mccormick.edu for more information. Can't make it? View the Live Stream Video here! This year's theme is "Body Sacredness: Sexuality and the Church...

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