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Our student body is not only ethinically diverse, it is also boasts a variety of faith backgrounds.

Alum Update: David Terrinoni (M.Div. 1990)

Chaplain Terrinoni reports:

Vicki and I moved from the Fairbanks, Alaska, area to Oklahoma City this past August.  I have taken over as the Wing/Installation chaplain at Tinker Air Force Base with a chapel staff of 35 active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel ministering to 7,800 active duty members, 15,000 civilians, 11,000 family members, and thousands of retired folks.  At the time of our move, out twin daughters (some of you will remember them as babies) got engaged within 3 weeks of each other and Alanna's wedding is in June 2010, here, in the Tinker Chapel, and Marissa will be married in August 2010 in Illinois.  Life continues to be exciting and interesting :)

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