Article Title Date
Leslie Diaz-Perez Succeeds Daniel Rodriguez-Diaz 10-19-17
In Memoriam: The Rev. Dr. Thomas Dunklin Parker 10-19-17
McCormick Honors Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. 10-19-17
Rev. Shawna Bowman and Rev. Julian DeShazier Appointed to Experiential Education and Field Studies Experiential Education 10-19-17
Panel Discussion on Faith-Based Activism and Service in Public Life Features Melissa Rogers 10-19-17
On Charlottesville 10-19-17
Distinguished Alumnus for 2017: Rev. Kenneth Lehman 02-8-18
Rev. David Watkins III Named Assistant Dean of Student Academics and Support 10-19-17
In Memoriam: The Rev. Dr. George H. Gilmour 10-19-17
In Memoriam: the Rev. Dr. Robert Charles Ellson 10-19-17
McCormick Moves Forward 10-19-17
Three McCormick Alumni to Be Honored 10-19-17
Rev. Dr. Frank Yamada's Farewell Letter 10-19-17
Where Leadership Thrives: Summer Camp and the Hope for the World 10-6-17
Reunion Reflections: Questions to Ask Classmates and Yourself When you Return to Campus 10-16-17
President Yamada Gives Final Address to McCormick Community as 183rd Commencement Speaker 10-19-17
If…then… Let the Commencement (Speeches) Begin! 10-16-17
Rev. Wayne Meisel Was the Commencement Speaker at St. Andrews University 10-16-17
McCormick Theological Seminary Names Rev. Dr. Stephanie M. Crumpton Assistant Professor of Practical Theology 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Jeff Krehbiel 10-19-17
2017 Innovation Prize Winners and Runners Up 09-15-17
In Memoriam: the Rev. David A. Donovan 10-19-17
The Myth of Trump Country: Repairing the Breach 10-16-17
President Trump, Let’s Make A Deal... To Save AmeriCorps 10-16-17
Giving on the Streets: Wine, The Pope, and Doing What is ‘Always Right’ 09-15-17