Article Title Date
What We Love About This Year’s Seminaries That Change The World 09-15-17
McCormick Recognized by Seminaries that Change the World for 2016-17 School Year 09-15-17
Weekly Community Dinners Awaken Homewood Church to New Beginnings 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Edwin Charles Bockstiegel 09-15-17
The Certificate in Latin@ Church Studies Program 09-15-17
An Open Letter on Urban Ministry to Our Presbyterian Church (USA) Brothers and Sisters 09-15-17
Second Visionary Award Honors Dr. William G. Enright 09-15-17
Welcome College Freshman: Parental Advice from Someone Who Isn’t Your Parent 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Donald Lee Harris 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Jean Mohr 09-15-17
In Memoriam: The Rev. Dr. Paul B. Doedens 09-15-17
Suicide, Job Loss, & The Vulnerability Of Men In Their 50s 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Paul L. Lupkes 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Charles McGaha 09-15-17
Distinguished Alumnus for 2016: Rev. Dr. Leon Finney, Jr. 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Robert C. Worley 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Roger D. Woods 09-15-17
In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Robert C. Lodwick 09-15-17
Beyond Divestment: Global Warming, Trauma And The Call For Pastoral Care 09-15-17
Prayers for Orlando 09-15-17
Why Summer Camp Transforms: Stillness in the Midst of Movement 09-15-17
McCormick Reaccreditation Visit/Invitation for Third Party Comment 09-15-17
Everyone Gave According to Their Ability 09-15-17
No Ordinary Time: A Call to Awareness and Action 09-15-17
A College Reunion Blessing 09-15-17