Fellowships, Awards and Prizes for 2010-2011


Recipients of Fellowships, Awards, and Prizes 2010-2011



Bernadine Orme Smith Fellowship:

Katie Anderson

Alternate: Arianne Braithwaite Lehn                                                     


Nettie McCormick Fellowship in Old Testament Hebrew:

Chingboi Guite


George Tressler Scott Fellowship in Applied Christianity:

Arianne Braithwaite Lehn


John Randall Hunt Prizes for Outstanding D.Min.

Thesis and Academic Record:

Peter Swift Buehler, Margaret Bowler Lindsey


Henry W. Andersen Award in Pastoral Ministry:

Theresa Gordon


Nettie F. McCormick Award in Old Testament:

Ki-Min Bang


Isabella Blackstone Award in New Testament:

Kathleen McKenzie                                                        


Isabella Blackstone Award in Church History:

Brenda Hooser


Henry P. Crowell Award in Systematic Theology:

Abigail W. Mohaupt


Floyd V. Filson Prizes in New Testament:

Kristen Riegel, Ryan Wallace


Hugh McBirney Awards in English Bible:

Brenda HooserKristin Riegel


John Hayes Creighton Fund

for Graduate Study in the Holy Land:

Ki-Min Bang, Melvina Stemley


George L. Robinson, Ovid R. Sellers, and Ernest Wright

 Archaeological Award:

Melvina Stemley


Samuel Robinson Awards in Shorter Catechism:

Melissa Gilbert, Kirk William Johnston,

Richard Jameson Milton, Abigail W. Mohaupt


Arthur R. McKay Prize in Theology:

Shana D’lee Vernon


Marshall Scott Urban /Labor Ministry Award:

Terrance Miller


Ellen and James Taylor Award in Preaching:

Sarah Essenburg Ross, first

Megan Cochran, second


James W. Angell Award for Preaching

with the Congregation:

David Metz


Robert and Jean Boling Memoral Fund 

for International Travel and Study:

Allison Hales