Free Access to ATLAS for McCormick Alums!


Back when you were in seminary, you had access to one of the best theological libraries in North America—the JKM Library.  One of the things that made JKM so good was its extensive periodical collection. In the last few years many of these journals became available on-line, so you could find, obtain and print out full-text articles from your home or office.

The premier database for full-text on-line articles in religion is called ATLASerials, or ATLAS.  This database contains full articles from 140 major religion and theological journals, including Christianity Today, Christian Century, Interpretation, Worship, Lutheran Quarterly, Currents in Theology and Mission, and Zygon.  JKM subscribes to ATLAS and so you have access to them all if you are a currently enrolled student.  But alas! The nano-second you graduate, licensing law prohibits JKM from granting ATLAS access to you, except on a clumsy article-by-article basis.  Until now!

JKM [and McCormick/LSTC], through the auspices of The American Theological Library Association and  Lilly Endowment Inc. offer YOU, the alumni/ae of McCormick, free access to ATLAS and all of its wonderful full-text articles for this and the next two academic years!  It’s one of the benefits of being our alum! How can you participate?  It’s simple: phone or email Chris Wenderoth, the Director of the JKM Library at 773.256-0735 or , for the username and password of ATLAS.  Then, log on…and read!