A McCormick alum, James Davidson, formerly Hicks (2001) has asked for our help


James wrote to us about his condition:  his liver is failing and he is in need of a living donor who would give part of his/her liver - it regenerates for the donor and would graft to James and generate healthy liver tissue for him. He told us that without a new liver he is likely to die.

Anyone with type B blood person that types as a match can donate ½ of their liver (a liver has two lobes) and in 4 to 6 weeks their liver lobe will regenerate.  The donor would only be laid up for a maximum of 3 days and undergoing the procedure would cost nothing, since all expenses are paid by Medicare.

James and his partner Tom would like to host an open house tea for potential donors on November 13th.   They would provide a  buffet breakfast spread that day, along with a huge lunch prepared by Tom, and then a selection of quiches and salads for dinner.

If you are able to assist him in any way, it would mean a great deal.   He thanks everyone for any help that might be offered.

All inquiries should go directly to James at jamesgdavidson@live.com