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Ministry Update: Fred Wollerman

Alumnus Fred Wollerman (B.D., 1957) wrote in to share about what he's up to these days: "I am now 81 years old, HR 2004, and I still work two or three days a week for the Wellshire PC in Denver, CO. I minister to persons in acute hospitals, in rehabilitation facilities, and persons who are in Hospice and are passing. I love this ministry and I believe everything I have done in my life and ministry has prepared me for this present work. That includes my education for ministry at McCormick (Class of 1957); I'm very proud (forgive me) of my having graduated from McCormick.

Not part of my contract with Wellshire, I teach Celtic Christian Spirituality in our adult education program every Sunday, as I have for the past five years. My doctorate (Ph.D.) is in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy, completed in 1991."

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