Women Against Violence

11-16-2012 by

M. Edwards
MTS student advocacy groups Global Community and Women in Ministry are co-sponsoring “Women Against Violence”.

“Women Against Violence: Global Voices and Perspectives” will be presented on:

Monday, November 26
4:15 to 5:45 p.m.
MTS Buchanan Lounge. 

Speakers will include the Rev. Dr. Sharon Ellis-Davis (United States); the Rev. Mary Tororeiy-Nyandoro (Kenya), Niveen Sarras (Palestine), and Ji Hye Kim (United States). These women will discuss their work in eradicating violence and discuss the role of the church in preventing and addressing violence against women. The event includes a liturgy of remembrance and hope for people who have experienced and been affected by violence against women.

For additional information contact Kristin Riegel at kriegel@go.mccormick.edu

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