CURE (which stands for McCormick’s commitment to Cross-cultural, Urban, Reformed, and Ecumenical service) is the official blog of McCormick Theological Seminary Recruitment and Admissions. You will find new posts every Wednesday and Friday. We cover all parts of McCormick life – what it’s like to be a student, take classes and participate in community life. Please feel free to share posts with your friends using Facebook, Twitter or email.

McCormick Theological Seminary is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood, on the South-Side of Chicago, IL. ¬†We pride ourselves on the fact that we are diverse – racially, economically, and socially. We don’t discriminate and part of our mission is to incorporate anti-racism training into our educational programs. We consider ourselves a safe place for anyone seeking to explore their call and service in the church of Jesus Christ.

Through CURE, you can learn A LOT about McCormick. You’ll also find links to other blogs that our current Graduate, Post-Graduate students, and Professors write. You can check them out at our “Blogs of Interest” page.

Peace and Blessings!