Welcome back all you McCormick Bloggers! If you haven’t noticed, it’s been pretty darn cold here in the Windy City for the last 48 hours. I actually had to pull out my faux-fur lined hat from Walgreens and my grandfather’s cashmere scarf and the dogs have spent less time out in the cold air (they’re not big fans…) but we’ve managed to keep warm inside here at South University Street.

Today, I want you all to meet one of our new students, Kristin Riegel. As an incoming Junior, Kristin brings a fresh face and a new voice into the McCormick community. She also serves on our Student Session as a Junior Class-Elect Session Member. Each session meeting she’s ready to go with her “God Loves Feminists” sticker on her computer ready to converse and address student concerns. She’s been a blast to get to know and shares a love of laughter that we here at McCormick value greatly. Kristin is a graduate of Macalster College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Recently, we picked Kristin’s brain. Here’s what she had to say…


Kristin Riegel

So? Why did you come to McCormick Seminary?

Soooo many reasons! When I sent in my deposit to McCormick , I was coming for the urban setting and the emphasis on diversity and cross-cultural relations and ministries. However, after being here for three months, I realize that I’m here because this is where God wants me to be. It is clear to me now that God was calling for me to come to McCormick so that I could be immersed in a community of people who challenge me with their thoughts, experiences, theology, commitments, and passions. I am and will continue to be here because this is a place where I feel God working in me and in the community.

Sweet. Now what are some of your hobbies/activities/interests here?

The groups I am a part of are Acts 10:15, Student Session and working as a Learning Partner. My hobbies here are drinking excess amounts of coffee, chilling with my roommates (and Jeff Kline) in the 1400 building, initiating impromptu dance parties, and running by Lake Michigan.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since being at McCormick?

Laughing is the best medicine – and the best way to procrastinate.

What’s the one thing you’re hoping for here at McCormick?

That I will continue to be challenged in my faith, spiritual practices, academic work, and personal life… and that Deanna, Mo, and I will win McCormick’s Iron Chef Competition (we’re going to rock it hard).

(Photo courtesy of Kristin Riegel)

Stay tuned for more students and more information from the McCormick community!

Peace all you bloggers!

~Shelley D.

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