Well, here we are again, on a cold Friday in Chicago. Last week, you heard from some of our McCormick pets, well here are a few more!

Who are your humans?

Ellie: Dave and Kristy Metz

Shiva: Melissa Gilbert

Lillie Bug: I have 2 humans. Mother and other mother (Sylvia Miller).

So, how do you like your living arrangements?

Ellie: Well, I wish we were in McCormick housing (the Metz’s live in LSTC housing), but as long as I have a good spot for my bed and a window to look out I am happy.

Shiva: I love it! There is always something going on and its the perfect place for a curious kitty.

Lillie: It’s great! My mothers are so busy that I get the run of the house! I get my pick of two enormous beds, I have my food set out for me all day and they basically leave me along! It’s amazing!

What’s your favorite place in the apartment?

Ellie: In my yellow chair by the window overlooking the sidewalk from which I can bark at any and all passerbys.

Shiva: Either sitting on Melissa’s freshly washed laundry (she doesn’t have a fur coat of her own, so I have to share mine with her), or birdwatching from the livingroom window.

Lillie: Well, you see, I have this one mother who sneezes because of my fur, so I like to sleep on her bed all day. I also like my giant stuffed dog. Oh, I also like to sit on top of the couch and look out of the window or over my mothers’ shoulders.

Favorite treats?

Ellie: I love the veggie rings from the Petco treat bar. They look like Fruit Loops!

Shiva: Cheese and Poptarts (I’m not technically allowed to eat those, but I try my best to convince Melissa to shaer hers with me)

Lillie: Once in a while I get food that is from a can and soft rather than crunchy… I like that.

What do you think about being a future preacher’s pet?

Ellie: As long as Dave and Kristy invite congregants over on a regular basis so I can jump on them and smother them with kisses, I’m okay with it. Also, since I am a shepherd, I must be pastoral… haha!

Shiva: I tried to let Melissa know that I particularly enjoy Paul’s writings by eating the book of Galatians out of her Bible. Her friend told her that I take Psalm 119:103 a little too literally: How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.

Lillie: So long as I get rule of the house, I don’t really care.

How many toys do you have in the apartment?

Ellie:11. Wait, am I supposed to count my humans’ socks? Then 33.

Shiva: I tend to ignore those “cat” toys Melissa brings home. I prefer to play with her hair ties and paper bags.

Lillie: Too many to count! I started with one bag of about 9 toys but then I discovered wrappers and shoes and pillows, so just about everything in the apartment is my toy now.

Favorite way to pass the time?

Ellie:Barking at other dogs who walk past my window and going to the Wilson Avenue Dog Beach with Dave on the days he doesn’t have class.

Shiva: I like to play fetch and sit on Melissa’s computer while she tries to write papers.

Lillie: I like to chase my toys throughout the apartment and hide them under the couch. I also like to be held by my mothers and play with their arms. It’s most fun when I’m playing and they yell. Oh, and watching the water go down the big, white bowl.

Well, how about that Chicago snow?

Ellie: My humans hate it, but I am a HUGE fan of playing in the snow and then spending hours pulling out the tiny snowballs that get stuck in my fur.

Shiva: I’m not allowed to go out and play in it, but I love watching it fall from my seat at the window.

Lillie: What is this snow? If it doesn’t happen in the apartment then I don’t get to play with it.

Remember to stay tuned in, we will be out of commission and on break all next week, Thanksgiving. But we’ll be back on the 29th, with some new stuff for you all out there!

Peace~Shelley D.

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