Here we are again, making our way though the session. Today, we’ve got one of my newest friends, Matthew Downey. Matthew comes from the farm, so he’s a good, grounded guy with a great big heart to match his great big hugs. He’s always got a smile on his face and he loves to talk. Matthew also sings in the McChoir! It’s nice to have these new, fresh faces at McCormick that help shape our community, year by year. Enjoy all you McCormick bloggers! here’s Matt!

Peace~Shelley D.

Name: Matthew Downey

So Matt, why come to McCormick?

I came to McCormick for a variety of reasons.  It is a nice setting in the middle of a big bustling city..a.k.a  CHI-TOWN!!!  Home, down on the farm, where I grew up, is only 3 hours away. So if I ever feel like chasing pigs around or driving tractors or seeing landscape not comprised primarily of stone and asphalt I can quickly escape and stay for free!! McCormick truly represents progressive Christianity, and in such a well rounded nature.  McCormick is always striving, and never satisfied.  It is not always comfortable here.  Most of us students at any given time could tell you they could go crazy.  But we would quickly follow with the fact that we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is a good place to be.

Any hobbies you might have?

I have lifelong hobbies.  Music: singing, and finding a piano that’s in tune.  I try to exercise regularly, but it seems to be very spurt-tastic.  Back at home I enjoy frisbee with the dogs and playing “Sheriff of the country-side” on a dirt-bike or 4-wheeler.  Movies are one of my favorite things.  Breaking reality can be very welcome.  In being truthful, I like my beer.  But it is also a vast appreciation, and recently a fellow student, Ryan Wallace, and I have brewed our own beer.  A first for me!  Upon moving to Chicago I really enjoy walking with my classical piano music on the Ipod Touch.  As I walk my favorite thing to do is look at the people I’m meeting on the sidewalk.  I smile brightly at every one of them.  It makes my day when they smile back.  Try it sometime!

What kind of involvement do you have at McCormick?

I sing in the McCormick Choir.  We have a wonderful new interim director, Mark Bowman, and his excitement for music is contagious.  I try to participate in worship whether singing, reading, or serving.  I also have the honor of being elected to Session at McCormick as a Junior Class Representative.  I am active with the Acts 10:15 organization on campus.  It is an utterly necessary learning experience.  I’m also pumped to parlay pumpkin as the secret ingredient of McCormick’s first addition of “Iron Chef”  One of the many, fun, and spontaneous ideas that pop up around here all the time.

What’s something that you’ve learned since being here at McCormick?

I have learned to ask for help.  We are all in this together.  I can ask anyone at this school for help of any nature.  They will literally drop whatever they’re doing.

What’s a hope that you have for McCormick?

I hope that at McCormick the walls will only serve the purpose of keeping the weather out.  That we may constantly strive as a community to see past we’re at to a world in need.

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